Story Diffusion

No drawing skills required. Create comics and videos with consistent visuals and seamless transitions.

Explore Generated Comics

Story Diffusion creates comics in various styles through the proposed consistent self-attention, maintaining consistent character styles and attires for cohesive storytelling.

Demo Video

Story Diffusion can create Magic Story, achieving Long-Range Image and Video Generation!

How to Use

Simple steps to start generating your stories

  1. Provide text prompts related to your story.
  2. Choose the number of frames for your comic or video.
  3. Click generate and watch your story come to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just your imagination! Provide text prompts, and our tool does the rest.

Yes, you can try out our Story Diffusion in the Playground section at no cost.

Yes, but ensure your usage complies with local laws and does not infringe on copyrights.

It depends on the length and complexity of your inputs, but generally, it takes a few minutes.

Currently, character customization is based on the input prompts, but more direct controls are being developed.